Announcing a New Education Series Brought to You by AltMed Florida: MEDücation

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As AltMed Florida continues to expand into new cities and markets, we have uncovered a need for better education materials which focus on all the various questions we frequently hear around the different methods of consumption and their respective benefits.

To better serve our patients, AltMed Florida announces the launch of MEDücation, an education series focused on the most frequently asked questions and misconceptions in the cannabis industry.

For our first series of MEDücational episodes, we will focus on a macrodosing method of consumption where the concentrate called, Shatter, is inhaled after vaporization.

Shatter, while scary in name, is actually a preferred method of macrodosing for a lot of patients. With it’s high concentration of repeating THC molecules, shatter is also one of the most economical ways to get your daily dose of THC.

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