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In the first series of MEDücation episodes brought to you by AltMed Florida and MüV, we focus on the cannabis concentrate, shatter.

What is shatter?

We are glad you asked.

Shatter is one of the most popular forms of macrodosing. Yet, shatter does have certain stigmas around it’s usage due to it’s popularity with both the medical and recreational market.

This popularity is due in no small part to the high concentrations of THC in shatter, which is one of the most widely know psychoactive ingredients in cannabis concentrates and the one with the most studies done on its usage and effects going back to the mid-1960s.  In fact, the name shatter comes from the consistency of the concentrate. This consistency is due to the repeating molecules of THC inside of the shatter which are very stable, giving shatter its translucent golden color.

Where does the color come from and what can change it? 

Color can vary from almost golden brown to clear with a tint of golden yellow.

Factors that can change the clarity include the extraction method used, terpene and cannabinoids ratios, the quality of the plant material, purity, and the production process of removing solvents including time in the vacuum oven.

The main thing you want to look for in shatter is consistency. One piece compared to another of the same batch should have the same clarity and color.

When To Be Cautious

Be cautious with shatter, as well as any concentrate, that is not tested. With concentrates, you get exactly that, a concentrate of the original material. So if you put impacted or bad material in, you will get impacted or bad material out. And when it comes to inhalation, what goes into your lungs and body will quickly be absorbed through your lungs into your bloodstream.

While  we don’t have studies on the long term effects of inhaling vaporized concentrates, it would be safe to assume that inhaling anything harmful to organic materials and plants would be harmful to our bodies as well.

In Closing

Shatter, while stigmatized much like the rest of the plant, does provide a wide-range of benefits for those looking for a macrodose of THC to help them medücate.

If you have yet to try shatter, ask your Medtender next time you come in to explain the benefits!


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