MEDücation Episode 105: “What is The Blue Concentrate?”

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MÜV is extremely excited to announce a BRAND NEW PRODUCT!!!


“Blue” is the NEWEST concentrate to be added to the MÜV cannabis family!


“Blue concentrate” was developed to help patients who require a macrodose of cannabis.


The high concentration of cannabinoids allows the patient to receive a higher dose that lasts for a longer duration, to provide more overall relief.

Like all concentrates that we produce here at MÜV, we start with organic cannabis that has been grown and cured to absolute perfection. We then extract the resin off the plant with our in-house ethanol extraction process.

After we have extracted the resin. The concentrate is slightly agitated in order to introduce air into the concentrate, which increases the crystallization of THC-A. Thus resulting in a light, airy concentrate structure.

The concentrate is then ready to finish its purge process inside our vacuum ovens, where it is purged at a lower temperature and for a longer period of time to remove any residual ethanol from the product.

Once purging is complete, the concentrate leaves the vacuum oven a beautiful, golden color with a light crumble consistency and terpenes that will delight your senses as soon as you open the jar!

The new texture of “Blue” provides the patient with endless dosing options when it comes to the concentrate product line.

This Thursday, October 25, 2018, at all MÜV locations we will be dropping the Brand new “Blue” concentrate!


Keep your eye on your inbox to find out how to reserve your gram of Blue Concentrate before it hits the shelf!


This first drop is going to go fast!


Remember to always medicate responsibly!

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