Premium Cannabis Flower

MÜV Premium Cannabis Flower is meticulously grown without the use of pesticides and contains approximately 15-30% total cannabinoids by weight. The flower presents a diverse spectrum of colors and is intensely aromatic. A variety of strains are available, each with their own unique characteristics and flavor profiles, to satisfy individual preferences and medicinal needs.

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Product Description

Available in 3.5 Gram package options – while supplies last.


Additional Information


Varies by strain


Varies by Strain

Dosing Supply

Price per 30 day supply: $45
Price per 50 day supply: $75
Price per 70 day supply: $105


50 mg per inhalation and 2 doses per day


Pootie Tang (LA Kush X Tang Tang)
Pootie Tang is a citrusy, piney, yet sweet sativa with increased effects over time. Common effects of this strain are euphoria, focus, and creativity.

Chemhünd (Chemdawg)
Chemhünd is an earthy, pungent strain with hints of diesel. Common effects of this hybrid strain include euphoria, relaxation, and creativity.

Banana Hammock (Grape God X Mandarin Sunset)
Banana Hammock is a fruity and sweet indica with notes of honey, grape, citrus and pine. Common effects include relaxation, drowsiness, body tingling, and feeling overall uplifted.

RudeBoi OG (Irene OG X Face Off OG)
RudeBoi OG is a pungent, earthy indica with notes of pine. Common effects include euphoria, focus and relaxation.

Guru (Forbidden Fruit X Petrol OG)
Guru is a fruity and sweet indica with hints of grapefruit. Common effects include overall relaxation of body and mind, with effects that last.

Velvet Glove (GMO X Nookies)
Velvet Glove is a fruity, sweet and pungent indica. Common effects include focus, happiness and relaxation.

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